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Published by Antria Andreou in ifma message · 16 November 2013
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Dear Presidents & General Secretaries,

I would like to thank everyone for your hard work throughout the past year. 2013 was another important year for our art and sport with its inclusion into the IWGA, the successful World Combat Games under patronage of the IOC and certainly the Asian Indoor Martial Arts Games under the OCA.

The year 2014 will see our Muaythai day in Thailand and around the world in February as well as the upcoming World Championships in May which is much more than just a World Championship with Executive Board meetings, AGM, various commission meetings, congress and many other activities in beautiful Langkawi, Malaysia.

As you are all aware, WMC is in its reconstruction process. But we will continue to cooperate on the education program, as it is an important tool for the cultural and sportive aspects of Muaythai. From 2014 onward  the Khan and Muay Boran will be improved. We have set up a committee with leading masters. Their existing diplomas and degrees will be reviewed and certified and we will also ensure that we will work closely with your government laws on the coaching curriculum.

We also will have improved our Muaythai for Every Body, and we will introduce a special fitness program which your NF can bring to fitness gyms, the corporate world and especially children.
We will do separate courses, obviously, during the World Championships but also regional ones. I will inform you soon and we will approach various countries to be the host of the 2014 workshops.

Once again, I would like to thank everyone for their hard work especially the team in our international office whom have truly put in the hours and have worked overtime.

Please use all of the information on our website (Sport Integrity, Real Player Program, Anti-Doping, and Athletes Career Program) which you should integrate onto your own websites.

Yours faithfully,

Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan

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