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The Art of Muaythai

Muaythai History

Muaythai is the traditional Martial Art of Thailand. It was used in battle for many centuries. It became famous in 1774 after Nai Khanom Tom (The Father of Muaythai) prisoner of invading Burmese troops agreed to fight before the King of Burma and defeated 9 Burmese Fighters in a row.

The King was amazed with Khanom Tom and gave him his freedom. Muaythai in the 20th century evolved as a Ring Sport and is known as the “King of the ring”. Muaythai is also known as the Martial ART of the 8 Limbs (body weapons):  2 fists,   2 elbows,   2 knees and 2 legs

Tradition and Meaning

Muay Thai has a strong element of tradition in Thailand, respect, and togetherness within the sport. These training principles extend outside the ring too.Fighters wear a traditional headpiece called a mongkron which is unique to each gym as well as prajed, which are armbands. Both are worn as a symbol of protection, warding off negativity and even bad spirits. Many boxers are tattooed in the traditional way by Buddhist monks, with bamboo needles. These sak yant tattoos, in general Thai culture, are a spiritual sign of protecting against evil and attracting good luck and success.
Other pre-fight rituals include praying, meditation, and even how fighters enter the ring.

Muaythai for a modern day

Fitness & Sport  & Self Defense

It is easy to master this Martial Art in regards to the Techniques involved.
The ability to use them depends on the preparation and skills of the individual.
Anyone can learn and use Muaythai!

In the gym Muaythai offers:
Aerobic Exercise
Realistic knowledge of using your techniques (punching the Bag and Pads, not the air)
Sparring, Lets you test your skills against another opponent
Self-defence techniques
Ability to deal with pain
Prepares you to fight in the ring

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